The Fall of King Tydus

Fall of king tydus

It was a year and a day after his last defeat that Draco returned with his loyal 100 to again challenge the King in the fields before the great gates of Merikesh. King Tydus now seeing there would be no end to Draco’s lust for power told him that this would be there final battle. That though he loved his brother, he must put an end to these challenges once and for all.

With a wicked smile Draco bade the king to come take his life… if he could.

The fighting was fierce and in truth Draco had indeed grown more powerful. He was stronger than before, tougher and moved with snake like reflexes. Still King Tydus was a proven veteran of countless battles and Champion of the Ja’han. Using skill and cunning he disarmed Draco, sending sword flying and then forced his half bother to the ground.

Draco waited for the final blow with a smile as if he knew it would not come. And again King Tydus hesitated lowering his blade and offering his brother mercy.

The offer was met with mad laughter before Draco shouted “Thrice now have I given you the chance to end my threat, and now thrice have you shown your weakness… You are not fit to rule the Ja’han”.

With that a roar was heard and the beast now known as Raizer swooped down from the sky. Twice the width of a horse, and four times as long, this red scaled leathery winged lizard attacked with fire, tooth and claw on the surprised and already injured King. Which proved to mean his doom.

The King was dead… Long live the King

The Fall of King Tydus

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