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Medieval city by kyle anderson

Heroes of the Shadowfall…

…is a fantasy campaign set in a world engulfed by war and inspired by Lord of the Rings, The Crimson Shadow series by R.A Salvatore, Midnight Campaign Setting by FFG and Dragon Age by Bioware.

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Chapter 3: The City of Strangers

As the heroes leave Merikesh, still mourning the loss Faelwyn and pondering the whereabouts of Rowe, a mystic summons halts their individual journeys before they begin. After a brief audience with The Mistress of the Woods and a deadly trip to Oracle of the Broken Spires, the heroes are again set upon a path of great importance. A path that leads to Kaer Maga and The Vault of Heavens.

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Chapter 2: The Midlands

Recently the heroes fond themselves traveling through the Midlands trying to draw the Shadows eye away from the Vale. They have been forced to deal with an ancient undead curse, battled and defeated Draco the self proclaimed Dragon Lord, and helped win a game of thrones within the reclaimed capital of Merikesh. Now on at a crossroads, the heroes prepare to go their separate ways.

Closed chapters

Chapter 1: Darkmoon Vale

In this world, the shadows forces have largely (but not totally) conquered the lands with the good guys fighting rebel style (Think first three movies of SW). The campaign started in the once obscure lumber town of Falcon’s Hollow in Darkmoon Vale. Which easily allowed for a variety of backgrounds as it is an out of the way village that has been getting an influx of refugees and fugitives of the war torn lands.

The Heroes, having found a cure for the Darkscourge plague, stopped a Kobold invasion and defeat a powerful bloodmage seeking to release a greater evil, must now leave the region for word has spread of their deeds and the shadow seeks to crush these would be lighters of hopes flame.

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