Kaer Maga Factions

A city with no official government and few real rules, Kaer Maga is home to countless factions – members of nearly every religion, region, nation, government, agency, or lifestyle find themselves within the city’s walls. However, there are a couple of important ones that any visitor would be keen to know – lest they end up on their bad side.

The Duskwardens
Perhaps the most selfless group within the city, the Duskwardens represent the first – and often only – line of defense between the city of Kaer Maga and the Undercity below. Based out of Bis.

Arcanist’s Circle
If it’s magical and its in Kaer Maga, then the Arcanist’s Circle probably has a hand in it. Numbers have dwindle since the Shadowfall, but they are still a group to be respected. Based out of the Tarheel Promenade.

The Ardoc Family
Controlling the district of Bis, the Ardoc Family is an age-old group of golemcrafters. Based out of Bis.

The Freemen
One of the newest factions to make an impression on Kaer Maga, the Freemen have made themselves known through their zealous defense of both freedom and democracy. Based out of The Bottoms.

The League of Shadow
Perhaps the newest faction, or just the best hid until recently. Not much is known about this groups true goals just whispers of their involvement in various dealings. Based out of the unknown but many assume Undercity

The Commerce League
Originally founded as a means of standardizing market procedures to maximize profits across the board, The Commerce League has grown to little more than a white-collar mafia. Their primary focus is Profit and Neutrality. For only with true neutrality can you make true profit. Based out of Downmarket.

Kaer Maga

Kaer Maga Factions

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