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Kaer Maga is divided into 11 districts, most of which actually exist inside the city’s massive walls. Inside the Ring, the neighborhoods honeycomb up and down within the wall, dividing the city into many levels. In many of these, height is associated with wealth, and the higher one’s class, the higher one’s home. The center region is known as the Core, surrounding the city’s seemingly endless freshwater lake and exposed to the skies. This region is considered neutral territory by most of the city’s factions and gangs – as without the trade that took place in the Core, the city would crumble.

Ring Districts:

Ankar-Te – The most diverse of the districts, it is also the only one that allows undead to walk the street unmonitored.

Bis – Home to the ledge-manors known as the Balconies, Bis is a district most well known for its “rulers”, the Ardoc Family – legendary golem crafters.

The Bottoms – Located along the cliff’s face, this district is the home of freedom – escaped slaves and abolitionist revolutionaries known as the Freemen celebrate democracy with a ferocious vigor.

Cavalcade – The heart of industry in Kaer Maga, this district houses mills and smithies that are powered by the streams and aqueducts running through it.

Highside Stacks – The richest of the districts, this region houses Kaer Maga’s elite. High above the ground, many of these individuals never even touch the city’s floor.

Oriat – (OR-E-at) The art district, known for its theaters, music, nightlife, and bardic college. Unfortunately, a guerrilla war amongst the Brothers of the Seal has all of its residents perpetually on edge.

Tarheel Promenade – The home of magic in Kaer Maga, this is where the Arcanist’s Circle makes it home.

The Warren – Most often known as the entrance to the city, Kaer Maga’s nearly impenetrable wall was breached long ago here, by forces unknown to anyone or anything alive. This ramshackle shantytown is the city’s slum, home to the poorest of the poor.

Core Districts:

Downmarket – The trade hub to end trade hubs, anything can be found and purchased in the maze of tents and stalls that define this district.

Hospice – The hospitality district, this region offers the best and worst of accommodations and “entertainment”.

Widdershins – (Vinder-shens) Unique in its order, this district is a quiet, orderly neighborhood where everyone acts appropriately – or else they face the wrath of the local Constabulary.

The Undercity
Not technically a district, the Undercity encompasses all of the tunnels, chambers, and ruins that lie deep within the cliffside. Many citizens believe that the topmost layers, those mapped and patrolled by the Duskwardens, are the entirety of the Undercity. But these levels fail to even scratch the surface…

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Kaer Maga Districts

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