Half brother to the late king and uncle to Princess Anneka Draco forever walked in the Shadow of his older brother, King Tydus. Twice prior did Draco challenge for leadership of the Ja’Hahn, and twice was he defeated by his brother the king.

It would be the kings mercy in sparing his brother, that ultimately lead to his demise and Draco’s rise.

The Fall of King Tydus

Draco does not currently have absolute support of the Ja’han army which is the only reason he does not send a truly large force against the Princess and her Rebels. As it stands the army has committed to defending Marikesh and its people only until the Ja’han are one.

Draco does have about 100 men loyal to him, but many have now been spread across the army to help ensure loyalty to his crown.

His biggest asset however is the flame drake Raizer. The large fire spouting flying lizard that obeys his every whim. The threat of his beast alone is enough to keep most in check.

Additional Details
It has been learned by the party that Draco’s had found the Dragons Eye by luck which activated his dormant sorcerers powers. It was also by luck that he came to the attention of Lady Crimson. That is where fates hand stopped, and the Shadows Regent’s machinations begin. Somehow she increased the lordlings magics and used her demon familiar Snowlocke to guide and manipulate him into causing chaos in the The Midlands. A surprisingly easy task, but one thwarted by the party and the death of Draco.


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