Blackguard orc

As the fist of the Shadow, the Blackguard is the core of Izrador’s army. Consisting primarily of Orcs, humans of conquered lands have also been filling the ranks.

It is said that in exchange for their soul, a Blackguard is given powers that help him in battle. They call it the Dark Gift. Veteran Blackguard can gain more abilities if they continue to successful serve Izrador.

For those that are worthy and have fallen in service to the the Dark Lord, they could be given the gift of second life. Risen by his dark power to continue the fight in his name, and join the ranks of Izrador’s Immortal Brigade.

Blackguard human

The Blackguard often fall under the command of the Dark Lord unholy order and his priest the Acolytes of Izrador. However some high ranking generals can have Acolytes reporting to them. This occasional shift in power continues to keep friction between the two groups.

Despite that friction, both groups despises Fury of the Shadow and its Darkspawn.

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