Arcanists Circle

If it’s magical and its in Kaer Maga, then the Arcanist’s Circle probably has a hand in it. As the center of the city’s magical research and experimentation, it houses a number of wizards and mages, all in the interest of learning and sharing information to the benefit of all involved, but never to influence the world beyond Kaer Maga’s walls.

After the Shadowfall debate began on what, if anything, they should do. The Circle broke as sides were taken and it took the efforts of a few other factions to help quell the… argument. Now the AC holds to the belief of true neutrality is the only logical direction and all others were ex-communicated. Many with prejudice.

Although there numbers have dwindled since the Shadowfall, they are still a group to be respected. For in these dark times, they have one of the largest repositories of magical lore. Their famed Great Library is a desired destination of many a wizard, that is if you can gain access.

Kaer Maga

Arcanists Circle

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