Female Human Ex-Paladin


Long-legged and flaxen-haired, Kára is a stunning beauty. She fears nothing and will wear her Templar Plate and Chain armor openly even though followers of the Chantry are kill-on-sight by The Shadow. For those who are able to sense such things, she has been touched by the Divine …


Kára was born in Falcon’s Hollow — the only daughter of the local Shepherd. Although she is intelligent, she never learned to read. Destined to marry the Swineherder’s son, at age 16 she found herself wandering though the fields one day, lost in melancholy. It was then the First Saint of The Maker, Andraste herself appeared before Kára in a shaft of light! Granting her the sword known as “Freedom’s Call”, The Goddess filled the young girl with righteous courage and an overwhelming desire to drive back the Shadow minions of The Dark Lord. When Andraste disappeared, Kára fell to her knees and wept because The Goddess had been so beautiful. Although not that religious before the event, she now prays and gives thanks to The Maker each day and seeks to turn back the tide of misery caused by the foul Izrador. Acting as The Right Hand of The Goddess and feeling Andraste’s Love moving through her body, she will destroy all Evil where she finds it.

Her holy symbol is a sword like the one which Archon Hessarian thrust through Andraste’s heart to put her out of her misery as she was burned at the stake.


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