Dorwen Olander

The last Dragon Knight


A young Dhaelon male with blond hair and blue eyes. His armor and shield display a winged gold dragon, the recognizable symbol of the old Dragon Knight order.


Dorwen never knew any of his blood relatives including his mother and father. He was raised by an old man named Mortikus. His care giver explained to Dorwen that his mother died during childbirth and he Mortikus never knew who was the father.

From when he was old enough to raise a sword his training began. Mortikus taught Dorwen daily on how to become a Knight. First on the use of sword and shield, then on lance and horse, but mostly the old man taught him what it means to be knight.

The years went quickly for the young lad. Always moving from town to town training with different instructors, but never staying long. These same years that turned a boy into a young man had not been kind to Mortikus who was dying of consumption. On the eve of Dorwen’s 20th birthday he told the boy of his true heritage and bloodline. He told Dorwen that his mother Izoal was daughter to Tulious Olander, the last living Dragon Knight and ancestor to the first Dragon Knight Izod Olander. Mortikus was no mear care taker but the last living Dragon Mage. During the rise of Izrador, he was charged by Tulious to take his daughter and only child Izoal and hide her, so that the Olander bloodline can continue should he fall against Bloodfang.

Dorwen’s whole life has been building up to this single purpose. To become a Dragon Knight. He took the Dragon Knight Oath from the last living Dragon Mage and became the last Dragon Knight.

That evening Mortikus used the remainder of his strength to create the final and perhaps the greatest Dragon Knight equipment ever made; a sword named The Dragon’s Bane and a shield named the Dragon’s Scale.

Dorwen awoke the next morning to find Mortikus passed away in bed. Left behind was a sword and shield along with a simple note from his old friend and teacher. “Live the Oath, my son”.

Dawning the gear left to him by his father, Dorwen mounted his faithful warhorse, Goliath, and set out into the world in hopes of living up to the honor of a Dragon Knight.

Dorwen Olander

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