Aranwë Laneresel

Elven Archer of an Anceint Noble Line


Aranw  laneresel


The elves of Arcania were a bit removed from the simplicity of nature pricing knowledge and sometimes power above the green of the forest. Arcania was the kingdom of magic and knowledge. With several universities and considering themselves neutral in most things they often felt above the petty squabbles of border despite of others. All were welcome that craved knowledge first.

Rule by the Council of 12, one young elf dreamed of one day taking his place among the council, where patience and deliberation ruled out over passion and sentiment. Aranwë Laneresel, a noble elf, was being groomed to take position on the council but it was those very traits in the elders that he worship that were his worst short comings. Brash and emotional by elven standards, he was too much like the humans that he spend the vast majority of his time with.
When the darkness came to plague the lands the council contemplated at length as it often did. Aranwë wished to act. He begged his superiors to come to a decision but they insisted that all things must be considered before battle could be risked. It was this arrogance, some say, that lead to the destruction of their cities. It is still unknown what caused the city to be reduced to ruins.
Aranwë was away when the attacks happened, trying to rally the neighboring kingdom to aid Arcadia and the elves there, that were crippled by their own pride and indecision. When he returned he found his homeland in ashes, but braved the battle fields to see the ruins for himself. The city was devastated and unnatural things lurked in the streets and shadows. Everything about it seemed wrong somehow.

An approaching Orc army caused him to flee, but not before he discovered the remains of another Arcanian who had visited the site after its destruction. The body was severely mutilated but Aranwë was able to recover an old manuscript in his pack that appeared to be a journal of some kind. There was also a round circular disk of unknown material in his pack. It appears he was attacked while writing a final entry in his journal.
Page after page he turned through the journal and his excitement grew. Before he put it down he knew what he needed to do, he finally had a purpose that lifted the shroud of depression. The journal held the key to his salvation and avenging the deaths of all his friends and family. And the journey would begin in Falcon’s Hallow.

Aranwë Laneresel

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