Heroes of the Shadowfall

Session 14 - Of Wizards and Warriors

Session 14


A simple job, you’d think. Tell a broken man that you will help him restore his honor, all he has to do is fight for his own cause. To be honest, I don’t really care for the man. He did try to have me and my friends killed, after all. Now, of course, there are plenty of people who would be happy to see Andrew Rowe placed in a shallow grave, but he should have known better than to sic his dog men on my companions.

Anyway, you can imagine how surprised I was when he didn’t want to go out and make a name for himself, even when his own people were being attacked by the dragons. I tried to convince him, but settled for stealing his sword. When he still remained behind, it became clear to me that this was all his fault. He had somehow caused this scenario to take place.

When he didn’t come out to fight I should have probably gone back in to try to convince him further or, at least have another drink. Seeing two dragons flying about spouting fire would have gone over better after a nice strong drink. When I viewed the battle field, though, it looked like the Dragon Knight had things well in hand. He was keeping one occupied.

When I approached, he shouted and pointed towards the gate. I could barely hear him over the roar of the dragon, but he was clearly pointing at Kara who was also battling a dragon on her own. Of course it took me quite a while to get over to help Kara since I was suddenly beset by the Knight’s dragon… Which reminds me. I need to have a talk with him about keeping his friends a little more under control. I didn’t really like being stepped on by a dragon.

At least, after the initial shock and pummeling, the fight went rather well. The Dragon Knight was able to take out the dragons while Kara and I kept the foot soldiers busy. She really is quite the fighter, now-a-days. Such beauty and grace. I don’t think I’ve seen the like since I trained with the Hassarans. Perhaps I should teach her a little of their ways…

Well, after the fight was done, dreadful things fights… especially with dragons, we went and had a little chat with the coward. Turns out that he knew all about the dragons and everything else. While Dorwen took the traitor to face the music, the rest of us looked through his chest. It contained not only information about the dragons, their whereabouts, and their movement patterns (very helpful, I must say, but it also contained a few healing potions and disease cures. Very handy indeed.

After we looked through his goods, we went off to find the Knight and his prisoner. We got there just in time to make sure that the council was informed that not only did he betray them, he tried to betray us as well. Quite important that fact, I must say. Incidentally, I let him know exactly how I would repay his kindness for trying to keep my out of harms way. I’d not help him if he fell during a fight. Too bad the others didn’t make the same deal I fear that he’ll die by the maiden’s sword instead of by a dragon. Too bad.

Poor diary. You never get the whole story, or in order. I just tend to ramble don’t I? Well, it is about time to go find the dragon’s nest. I’m sure this will be fun! I just have to visit my old friend the wizard, before I can head out to find the others…


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