It has been over 30 bloody and war torn years since the Dark Lord fooled the world and took control. Blocking the gods’ divine light while his armies conquer the land in his name. Only the Elves and Dwarves openly defy the Dark Lord’s forces, fighting to draw from their respective kingdoms… while the lands of man live out oppressed lives or fight costly guerilla battles against often superior forces.

The dark shadow has fallen… and with it, a time of great evil and corruption begun… a time known as the Age of the Shadowfall..

…Yet, perhaps all is not lost…

In every age Heroes arise… both for the light, as well as the dark… Some are born with greatness, others made through the tragedy of loss and pain, while some merely follow fates unseen hand.

No matter their beginning, they are destined to become…

Heroes of the Shadowfall

Heroes of shadowfall

Heroes of the Shadowfall

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